What is CNC Retrofitting?

CNC retrofitting is the process of replacing or adding newer, more advanced controls and electronics to an existing machine. Retrofitting can include a new upgraded controller, replacement of old parts and possibly a complete rewire, as well as other changes.

Why retrofit?

Replacing your CNC machine can get you better functionality, user-friendliness and precision, but it is a big expense. All these benefits can be achieved with a CNC retrofit, saving you money. Do you want enhanced machine performance and productivity without the cost of a new machine tool? MTL’s CNC retrofit service may be the right option for you.

What does a CNC retrofit entail?

A ‘retrofit’ might range from replacing a single or dual-axis numerical control to a complete CNC package. Our experienced engineers can advise you exactly what you need and give you a quote to upgrade your machine.

Can my machine be retrofitted?

We assess machines thoroughly to identify areas where retrofit would be beneficial. Any machine can be considered for a control upgrade, and this alone can be a huge cost saving compared to replacing the machine. Many CNC operators opt for retrofitting the control solutions over buying a new machine as this is more efficient, less wasteful and cheaper overall, giving your business some financial breathing space. It is worth having your machine assessed for a CNC retrofit.

Can you rebuild a CNC machine?

At MTL, we are able to offer a CNC Rebuild to complement the CNC Retrofit, meaning your machine is just as good as a new one. This includes disassembling, assessing and rebuilding each component, resetting all mechanical bearings and seals, sanding or scraping worn surfaces, and replacing linear guides. Our CNC mechanics are highly trained and experienced in rebuilding and retrofitting CNC machines, press brakes and other mechanical tools.

How can CNC Machine Retrofitting save money?

Here are some examples of ways that our CNC machine retrofitting service may help you save money:

  • Upgrade your old or obsolete NC or CNC. If you have either a Delem EMA, DA21, DA22, DA23, DA42, DA58, Retrofit can upgrade it to any new DA series.
  • Make your MBC, MB, Hurco 4, 5 or 5C into an angle-mode CNC with a tooling library by upgrading a Delem DA41.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha can be upgraded to a DA52.
  • If your AMADA/Promecam ITP2, ITPS, HFB Tape Readers and Floppy Drives or CRT Monitor is faulty or not functioning correctly, then upgrade to a Delem DA65R with a CNC Retrofit.
  • Edwards ME series with DA500 nc Y1 and Y2 can upgrade to a DA52 with options to add x and r axes.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha upgrades to a DA52.
  • Machine relay hardware upgrades to a PLC system.

Why choose MTL Engineering for your CNC Machine Retrofitting?

We are exclusive UK distributors and operate a registered repair centre for DELEM CNC Control Solutions for sheet metal machines.

Our team at MTL is made up of experienced CNC retrofit engineers. We offer a fast and efficient service across the UK. All work comes with a guarantee, so you have confidence that the work done will last. While CNC machine retrofitting can be expensive, our pricing structure is very competitive.

How does a Fibre Laser work?

A fiber laser operates by concentrating a high-powered laser source directly onto metals beneath the focusing lens within the cutting head. This intense energy beam is then activated, causing the material to absorb it, resulting in the generation of extremely high temperatures and the melting (vaporization) of the materials.

Our metal lasers have the capability to effortlessly cut through metal materials, with thicknesses of up to 25 mm, depending on the machine’s configuration.

Fiber laser technology is designed for high-volume, high-speed processing of sheet and tube metals. However, we also cater to the smaller end of the market with our Compact Fiber Laser metal cutting machines. These are an excellent choice for space-conscious or lower production facilities that require a table size of up to 1300 x 900 mm.

A fiber laser machine can effectively process various materials, including carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, as well as other metals like brass and copper. However, the suitability of these materials depends on the power source and specific power levels. We offer a range of laser source options for our machines, allowing us to accommodate various budgets. Additionally, each machine comes equipped with features typically found on machines that are much more expensive.

These features include essential safety covers, which are essential in any production environment, and dual table exchange systems. The latter allows for the loading of materials for the next run while the machine is in production, significantly enhancing operator efficiency and production output.

Each metal-cutting laser machine is operated through a Windows-based system, providing full control over the machine and production files. Operators can make on-the-fly changes to files directly at the machine.

We provide comprehensive support for all our systems in the UK, going beyond the standard warranty. When you acquire a machine from MTL, you gain access to our highly acclaimed  technical support team for the entire lifespan of your machine.

Tell me more about your fibre laser cutting machines?

As the leading choice in the UK for top-quality industrial metal cutting fiber lasers, MTL is your ideal machinery partner to meet all your needs. With our extensive expertise in industrial lasers and a wide range of cost-effective cutting systems, we offer a comprehensive solution.

Our range of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines undergoes thorough testing and assembly at our premises in Kidderminster, West Midlands, adhering to rigorous standards. Each fiber laser is versatile, catering to a wide array of industry applications and products.

MTL’s Fiber Lasers are competitively priced, making them affordable without compromising on quality. They are professionally installed by our team of highly experienced engineers across the nation. We have successfully installed numerous metal-cutting fiber laser machines in diverse sectors.  Achieving precision metal cutting has never been more accessible or cost-effective.

All our Fiber Lasers are equipped with Windows PC-based systems, providing you with complete control over your machine’s operation. Whether you require  a new HSG fibre laser, or new Dener fibre laser , we have the right cutting machine to suit your business needs.

Is it time to consider bringing your fiber laser cutting process in-house? Fiber laser cutting technology has become increasingly affordable for businesses, allowing for greater control over productivity and quality.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are now within reach for a wider range of industries and businesses than ever before. In the past, this technology was beyond the means of small engineering and fabrication firms. However, due to advances in manufacturing and declining parts costs, these high-quality machines are now more affordable and accessible than ever.

Do you install and commission the fibre laser?

We have our very own dedicated team of installation engineers, capable of installing fibre lasers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our team of professional engineers will commission your fibre laser alongside operational training for operators, ensuring the safe operation of your new investment.