How can CNC Machine Retrofitting save money?

Here are some examples of ways that our CNC machine retrofitting service may help you save money:

  • Upgrade your old or obsolete NC or CNC. If you have either a Delem EMA, DA21, DA22, DA23, DA42, DA58, Retrofit can upgrade it to any new DA series.
  • Make your MBC, MB, Hurco 4, 5 or 5C into an angle-mode CNC with a tooling library by upgrading a Delem DA41.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha can be upgraded to a DA52.
  • If your AMADA/Promecam ITP2, ITPS, HFB Tape Readers and Floppy Drives or CRT Monitor is faulty or not functioning correctly, then upgrade to a Delem DA65R with a CNC Retrofit.
  • Edwards ME series with DA500 nc Y1 and Y2 can upgrade to a DA52 with options to add x and r axes.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha upgrades to a DA52.
  • Machine relay hardware upgrades to a PLC system.