MTL Engineering specialise in CNC Machine Retrofits.

A ‘retrofit’ might range from replacing a single or dual axis numberical control to a complete CNC package.

Any machine can be considered for a control upgrade with huge cost savings, compared to replacing the machine, giving your business the financial breathing space it may need.

We are exclusive UK distributors and repair centre for DELEM CNC control solutions for sheet metal machines.

Below, you will find examples of where our retrofit service may help you save money:

  • Upgrade your old or obsolete NC or CNC. If you have either Delem EMA, DA21, DA22, DA23, DA42, DA58 to any new DA series.
  • Make your MBC, MB, Hurco 4, 5 or 5C into an angle mode CNC with tooling library by upgrainging a Delem DA41.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha upgrade to an DA52.
  • AMADA/Promecam ITP2, ITPS, HFB Tape Readers and Floppy Drives, CRT Monitor that are Faulty or not functioning correctly, then upgrade to a Delem DA65R.
  • Edwards ME series with DA500 nc Y1 and Y2 upgrade to an DA52 with options to add x and r axis.
  • Promecam IT or RG with DBM alpha upgrade to an DA52.
  • Machine relay hardware upgraded to a PLC system.